Designers play a key role on upgrading brands of leather products

2017-06-23995 have been browsing

Mr. Li Yuzhong, the vice president of China National Council of Light Industry and chairman of China Leather Industry Association, interviewed with Xinhua net on May 22, 2017 on discussion of current situation of china leather industry and how to expend native brand market share.

Mr Li said on interview that a certain gap between leather products brands made in China and foreign brands is still existed, and several aspects need to improve for Chinese brand. For instance, in terms of quality it should make more effort on product processing, of course there are rooms for improvement of leather quality, that requires technical training for employee, on other hand the industry needs the strengthening on products design and services.

Mr Li particularly stressed on design and research, saying that design and styles are the most important thing for product sales, and the most core competitiveness for leather products brands.

Mr Li said currently we have 30 colleges setting up the design course for leather goods, we also held competition events for leather products design, such as GLM Cup design contests that including products of leather and fur garment, footwear, luggage and bags take place every year, luggage and bags design contest is one of its events, with these contests more designers will be found for enterprises, and eventually to improve the design level of industry.