Taizhou sees a 10.5% of increase in Footwear export in Q1

2017-06-23883 have been browsing

The good performance of footwear industry in the city of Taizhou, Zhejing province are reported, recording a 10.5% increase in Footwear export in the first quarter of this year with the exported  value of RMB 2.17 billion yuan.

The data released by Taizhou customs show that footwear export was increased significantly, Africa becomes the largest destination for Taizhou footwear with value of 380 million yuan, accounting for 29% of the city’s total footwear export value, footwear export to EU ranks the second with share of 21.2%, exports to the countries involed in "one belt and one road" strategy amount to 700 million yuan, surging 22% and taking up share of 32.3%, export to Japan and Russia saw a growth of 44% and 80% respectively.

It is estimated there are 5000 small sized shoemaking companies in the area, only 200 of them can produce value of 20 million yuan, 30 of them have production value of 100 million yuan.